editor.dataTables.css parse error (bad characters?)

editor.dataTables.css parse error (bad characters?)

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Hi guys. Sorry to ask about this again. I think this is still the case in the editor.dataTables.css file for Editor 1.7.4, where there are some lines which have pound/number signs in the css (not part of the definition of a color) which seem to cause a parse error for our Sonar process. I've heard they can be removed. Do you think they will be removed from the file for download in the future? Thanks. I'm mainly wondering, if I make a change to this file, when I upgrade, will I remember to do it again? :) I had asked about this before here: https://datatables.net/forums/discussion/48832/error-parsing-css-file

676:   height: 100%;
677:   z-index: 11;
678: }
679: div.DTED_Lightbox_Wrapper div.DTED_Lightbox_Container {
680:   *position: absolute;
681:   /* IE6 */
682:   *top: 50%;
683:   #position: absolute;
684:   /* IE7 */
685:   #top: 50%;


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    Agreed (and sorry - I've still got your other post in another tab open and waiting for a reply!).

    I've removed the IE6/7 star and pound hacks since Editor supports IE8+. No point in having hacky CSS for unsupported browsers.

    That will be in 1.8.


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